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Opening a new business, or ready for a signage upgrade? Let Big Mouth Signs be your first call when you are thinking about a new outdoor building sign! We have the know-how and the experience necessary to provide options that will effectively promote your business – while maintaining a professional look. We’ll meet with you to discuss ideas, the best colors and materials to use, and the best types of signs for you particular application. We’ll review your budget and give you options that not only look great, but make economic sense! Finally, we’ll do all of that while making sure our suggestions fit within the criteria of your lease as well as local sign ordinance restrictions. We want to be your marketing partner!

Illuminated Signs
There are a number of options available in illuminated outdoor signage. Improvements in technology have been made, resulting in signage that is brighter, is less expensive to operate, is more flexible, and is less expensive to maintain. Some of the options include;

• Channel Letter Signs
• Front-Lit Channel Letters
• Reverse-Lit Channel Letters or “Halo-Lit” Channel Letters
• Combination-Lit Channel Letters (both the front and the back of the letters illuminate.
• Push-Thru Letter Signs
• Pierce-cut Aluminum Pan Signs
• Perimeter-Lit Signs
• Light Cabinet Signs

Non-Illuminated Signs
With the popularity of retro-look commercial districts and outdoor shopping malls, non-illuminated and externally-illuminated signage has become increasingly more common. The graphical elements of these types of signs can either be mounted on a background panel, such as an aluminum pan or a flat panel, or they can be stud-mounted directly to the building. This type of signage is typical of warehouse and industrial districts, office properties, and mixed-use developments. Popular non-illuminated signage solutions include;

• Reverse Aluminum Pan Signs
• Flat-cut Metal Lettering
• Cast Metal Lettering
• Computer-cut Acrylic and PVC Lettering
• Plastic Formed Dimensional Lettering
• Non-Illuminated Channel Letters
• Framed Banners
• Sandblasted HDU Signs
• Sandblasted Wood Signs
• Panel Signs

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