Digital Video Displays

Digital video displays are the “next big thing” in indoor marketing. Digital displays are popping up in lobby areas. They are being used as directories in office towers, shopping malls, and government buildings. They are being installed as menu boards in fast food restaurants. Here’s a brief list of just a few of the places that digital video displays make great sense:

Restaurant Signage
• Featured menu items that can be changed based on day, time, audience, weather, etc.
• Make price changes immediately, and without incurring high printing costs
• Easy to up-sell add on items such as desserts and promotional items by presenting a visual image to generate interest

Financial Digital Signage
• List new programs featuring loans, CD, credit card, and mortgage rates
• Educate your customers on any new policy changes, financial news, etc.
• Offer savings and investment tips
• Present current interest charts to promote financial awareness

Retail Digital Signage
• Present current and upcoming promotions
• Increase impulse purchase percentages
• Display testimonials and product demos
• Promote customer loyalty programs and gift card programs
• Create item-specific ads that grab attention and help increase traffic

Medical Digital Signage
• Educate patients on common seasonal illnesses and new treatment solutions.
• Update patients and staff on important information, daily news, and services provided.
• Highlight specialty services, such as teeth whitening, weight loss clinics, health scans, etc.
• Sell advertising space to compatible health related businesses and pharmaceutical companies

Automotive Digital Signage
• Inform customers on current specials, new vehicles, and service tips.
• Feature customer testimonials
• Advertise lease programs for new vehicles
• Up sell service programs and vehicle maintenance packages
• Display how-to tutorials and maintenance videos
• Sell advertising space to compatible businesses such as auto insurance companies and car washes.

Hotel Digital Signage
• Provide digital way finding maps, the location of key amenities, and specials in the dining room and lounge – – all from the lobby
• Feature local attractions, events, and activities
• Inform your guests of pool and health club hours
• Congratulate valued guests on their birthday, anniversary, or special dates or accomplishments.
• Welcome convention and conference groups
• Share updated weather, news, and sports information, as well as flight times.

College and Institutional Digital Signage
• Post current activity schedules and special events
• Immediately deliver emergency announcements
• Announce course schedule changes
• Post registration schedules and administrative announcements
• Promote volunteer opportunities and outreach programs
• Advertise special offerings in the book store, café, or other campus shops

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