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Halo-Lit Channel Letters

What is a halo-lit, or reverse-lit, channel letter? A halo-lit channel letter is a channel letter that is lit from the back of the letter and illuminates the wall behind it, creating the “halo” effect. This provides a softer glow from the signage without being too overpowering. The faces are typically made of 0.080 aluminum and can be custom painted to your desired color. The returns, or sides, of halo-lit channel letters are typically around 3-5” deep and are constructed of 0.063 aluminum. The returns are welded to the letter face and can be painted to either match the face color or whatever color you desire. Our halo-lit channel letters are lit with LED bulbs that come in a wide array of colors. Different color effects can also be achieved by adding vinyl to the back of the letter where the light shines through. Halo-lit channel letters are extremely customizable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, making them a perfect choice for any type of business.

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