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Innovative Office Signage in Columbus, GA for Path-Tec 

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Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.  The right office signs, including lobby directories, wayfinding signs or directional signs, office markers, conference room signs, etc., are like that accessory that doesn’t seem so important until you take it away – – the set of diamond stud earrings with the little black dress, or the gold cuff links with the black tuxedo.  And so, at Big Mouth Signs, we understand the finishing touches are important.  That’s why we provide a variety of outstanding office signage options from top manufacturers such as Modulex, Arris, Vista System, and Sign Pro Systems.  That’s why we’ll also take the time to meet with you, so that we can get a feel for your organization – no matter how small – and the environment you are trying to create.

In today’s increasingly complex and complicated world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the information flowing back and forth.  We get so focused on the communication flow – – the impressions that are being created outside our four walls.  While that communication, and those impressions are obviously important, what about the impressions –  the environment – that is being created inside those four walls?  Have you considered the effectiveness of your office sign system?  When you hire a new staff member, does it take days, or weeks to recognize them with a name plate for their desk or work station?  Is it easy to tell if the conference room is available for use, or if someone has already scheduled a meeting?  How easy is it for a new employee to find their way around?  When you promote someone, how quickly can you recognize them for their promotion with a new office marker?


WWall-Mounted Directory Sign
Wall-Mounted Directional Sign
Wall-Mounted Room Marker
Wall-Mounted Room Marker
Wall-Mounted Directory Sign from Arris Sign Systems.












Arris Sign Systems offers an outstanding selection of office environment signs – – from desk and workstation signs to wall signs, directories, and overhead signs.  Arris offers a variety of freestanding signs as well.  It’s the outstanding simplicity of the system that makes it both attractive and cost effective for any office.  The individual frames that are part of the Arris Sign System can be customized through the use of Arris’ Accents decorative backers.  Arris’ design templates make printing and changing frame inserts a snap – – no need to wait days or weeks to recognize new staff members and promotions!

It’s the look and flexibility of the Arris product that resulted in Path-Tec, a Columbus, GA-based specimen management solutions provider.  When Path-Tec made plans to move into their new location, they turned to Big Mouth Signs to provide office environment signage solutions that fit their culture, and their budget.  What they needed was an effective office sign system that was attractive.  As a growing and vibrant company, their new office sign system needed to be flexible, with easy-to-update inserts.  It needed to be modular, so that as the company continues to grow, work station signage complimented office signage, directory signage, and even the signage in the reception area.

It’s been said that interior office signage isn’t for your customers, it’s for your employees.  Obviously, your lobby sign is a key component to any business message – – it provides a value message that cannot be overstated.  But, what about the signs that your employees and staff walk by every day, signs your customers may never see?  Your office sign system is a key part of that environment, and the messages formulated and delivered there.  Regardless of the type of business, messages are being conveyed every day, even when no one else is around.  What messages are being conveyed inside your four walls?

  • Written by Big Mouth Signs, a full service provider of all types of visual communications products, including office environment signs, wayfinding signs, and ADA signage. Based in Lilburn, GA, we proudly serve the Atlanta metro area with quality signage solutions that help your business get noticed!
Mark Kasson

Mark Kasson

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