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Can an LED Display Boost Your Business?

Looking for an effective way to advertise your business? An LED Display may be the option for you.

Here are some key findings from a study titled “Signage for Your Business”, from the Small Business Administration:
• For businesses that add an electronic message display to their current signage, the typical increase in business is 15% to 150%.
• Assuming a 15% increase in sales as a result of the purchase of an electronic display, for a business generating $1,000 per day in sale revenue will add $1,050 per week in sales, or approximately $54,600 per year.

While the cost of other forms of media advertising has surely gone up since the 2001 SBA study, the cost of LED displays has gone down – – significantly. A display that cost in the neighborhood of $30,000 in 2005 is a fraction of that cost today. Keeping this in mind, consider the following from the SBA study:

In comparison with other advertising mediums:
• Newspaper: The average cost is roughly $7.39 for 1000 exposures within a radius of ten miles of the business.
• TV: The cost is about $6.26 per 1000 exposures.
• Radio: The average cost is approximately $5.47 per 1000 exposures.
• LED/Electronic Message Display: $.45 per 1000 exposures (based on $30,000 display cost, adding cost of electricity, and a vehicle count of 20,000 passing vehicles per day)

Finally, think about our changing demographics…

Changing Demographics:
• About 18.6% of Americans are moving every year.
• 15-35% of all traffic on a given street is transient traffic, including vacation traffic, etc.

Electronic displays provide a unique way of capturing the purchase attention of this traffic – – something TV, radio, newspaper, or even the internet can’t effectively do. Electronic displays quickly become your “salesman on the street”, capturing the attention of those driving by with changeable, dynamic content.

Source: SBA “Electronic Message Centres (EMC’s), Signage for Your Business ,

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