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Big Mouth Signs is an authorized dealer of Gemini Plaques. Gemini is a Green Star rated manufacturer, and they carry a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their exterior rated plaque products. Gemini operates their own bronze and aluminum casting foundries, stainless steel fabrication, water jet and laser cutting, and precision machining operations. They produce products with a variety of finish options, including anodized, polished, painted, and brushed.

Cast Plaques
Gemini cast plaques are perfect for professional offices, schools, and government buildings, and are used for address plaques, historical markers, and memorials. Cast plaques provide a sense of permanency and architectural depth, are available in cast bronze and aluminum for plaques, logos, and emblems.

Precision Tooled Plaques
Need a plaque with a unique shape and size? We’ll help design a plaque that is then cut from Aluminum, Brass or Bronze. There are a number of Gemini finish options available, including brushed, painted, polished, patina, and more. Add a selection of background textures and colors, optional borders, and your new plaque can be truly unique!

Etched & Engraved
When you need to transfer complex artwork to a brass, bronze, copper or stainless steel surface, chemical etching is the way to go. Used in combination with our cast and precision tooled plaques, etched and engraved medallions add a personal touch to your plaque project!

ADA Compliant
Designed and manufactured to meet ADA requirements, Gemini ADA plaques are made from solid metal in order to provide a product that is superior in quality and will not crack or chip.

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