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Vehicle Magnet Tips in Less Than 60 Seconds

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If you are business owner, are employed by a service business or contractor, etc., chances are you spend a fair amount of time in your vehicle.  Are you missing out on an opportunity to promote your business while you are traveling to and from, or just sitting in traffic?  Vehicle graphics are a great way to promote your business!  Sometimes, vehicle wraps and cut or printed vinyl graphics aren’t the right solution, and easy-to-remove magnetic signs are a better option for your vehicle.  Before considering a new set of magnetic signs for your vehicle, here’s 60 seconds of great information that you should know;

  • Make sure the mounting surface is magnetic-receptive.  Magnets won’t stick to aluminum or plastic vehicle body panels.
  • Not all magnetic material is equal.  We recommend 14 poles per inch, and a 30 mil matte white vinyl magnetic material.
  • We recommend rounded corners for all vehicle magnets.
  • Before affixing a vehicle magnet to your car, make sure all surface coatings are cured (paint – 90 days, clear coat – 60 days, wax finishes – 2 days).
  • Insure that the surface area of your vehicle is clean and debris-free.  Clean the metal surface and the magnet with a mild detergent, then allow the surface to dry completely.
  • Apply the magnet to a smooth, flat or gently curved metal surface.
  • Make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface.  Do not place the magnet over molding, decals, pin striping, etc., which can allow air pockets that will weaken the hold of the magnet.
  • To help prevent dirt and moisture build-up between the magnet and the vehicle surface, remove the magnet at regular intervals (DAILY) and clean both the magnet and the metal surface.
  • When removing the magnets, lift from the sides and not from the corners.  Never pull the magnets across the surface.
  • When storing a vehicle magnet, store them in a clean, dry area, and make sure they are flat.  Do not store multiple magnets face-to-face.
  • Long-term use of magnets on vehicle surfaces can result in uneven fading of the vehicle surface because the magnet is shielding that part of the vehicle from UV rays.

For more information on vehicle magnets and other vehicle graphics, or to receive a quote, give Big Mouth Signs a call at 770-381-9300!

Mark Kasson

Mark Kasson

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