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Lobby Signs for NEXTGEN in Atlanta, GA

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Can the right lobby sign add value to your business? Does your sign make a statement? Does it tell a story? Making the right first impression is important in every business relationship, and your lobby sign is a key component in that process. An understated office sign might be telling your customers that your skill level is lacking. For example, imagine going into a dentist’s office, and the sign that welcomes you to the reception area is cheaply made. What other businesses need a quality lobby sign speaking silently to their customers? Insurance office? Law office? Doctor’s office? Engineering firm? If it’s important in their office, might it also make a difference in yours? If you deal directly with the public, the chances are the answer is “Yes”.

A well-designed lobby sign tells current and potential customers that you value their thoughts and opinions about your business or organization. Quality lobby signs communicate that details are important to you, and that appearance matters. Professionally-designed lobby signs add value to your business. There are lots of options available for your lobby or office sign.

What types of lobby signs are available? We custom-design and build our lobby signs, so they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All of our lobby signs are professionally designed and manufactured, using an assortment of interesting and visually-appealing materials. Lobby signs are often non-illuminated, but illuminated office signs are growing in popularity due in large part to the practicality of imbedded LED lighting, as well as external spotlights. The two main types of lobby signs are those with which the lettering or graphics are mounted directly to the lobby wall (typically using studs or “pins” and a mounting pattern), and those with which the lettering or graphics are mounted to a “backer” or “background” panel. Background panels also can be mounted directly to wall, again using stud-mounting and adhesives, or they can be mounted using a wide variety of popular standoffs.

What types of materials are used for Lobby Signs?

There are almost as many material options as there are lobby signs. Acrylics are a popular material choice, and can be used both for router-cut dimensional letters and graphics, as well as for background panels. Metals are another top choice, and we have available a wide variety of metals and metal finishes including brushed aluminum, polished aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and bronze. Other excellent choices include a variety of wood options, PVC, and foam.

Why Big Mouth Signs?

At Big Mouth Signs, we understand that quality lobby signs and interior signs reinforce your brand message, and help tell your brand story. We know that it’s important to get it right, the first time. Because of this, we take the time to meet with you, to get a feel for your business. We’ll measure and take pictures of your lobby wall, and we’ll provide free layout proofs that allow you to see what your new sign will look like once it’s been installed. We provide ideas, and make helpful suggestions. We don’t try to sell you the most expensive sign, we try to sell you the best sign for your business. We’ll provide options that make sense for you and for your budget. We’ll deliver what we promise.

What should I do next?

Give us a call at (770) 381-9300 for a consultation. Bounce some ideas off us. Tell us what you’re looking to do. We’ll set up an appointment to meet with you. We’ll provide photos of projects we’ve completed, projects that might make sense for your application – – just to get some ideas flowing. We promise it’ll be painless.

Mark Kasson

Mark Kasson

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