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Howard Payne Company Gets New Signs

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After approximately 35 years at their location in the Embry Village Shopping Center, just off Chamblee Tucker Road in Atlanta, GA, it was time for the Howard Payne Company to find a new location for their showroom and distribution warehouse. A new building meant all new signage, and we are pleased to have been provided the opportunity to work with Jeff, Jon, and Jason Payne on the sign project for their new facility.

The Project

Having done work for the Payne family for several years, we had developed a good working relationship. When the Howard Payne Company decided to move their kitchen appliance business to a location just off Peachtree Boulevard in Atlanta, they knew they could trust Big Mouth Signs to do the job right! The project consisted of a number of items, including a building sign for the 40+ foot tall tower, a light cabinet sign for the parking area, a couple of post and panel directional signs and dimensional lettering for the showroom area. The Howard Payne Company is Atlanta’s Premier Kitchen Appliance Dealer. A kitchen is where food is prepared. We really like food, so we were quite eager to get started.

Exterior-Dimensional-Lettering-Howard-Payne-CompanyMetal Dimensional Lettering

There are several ways to go for a storefront sign for a business like the Howard Payne Company. More often than not, when a customer is thinking about a storefront sign for a retail store, they are thinking about internally-illuminated channel letters – – possibly a reverse channel letter (which creates a halo around the letter when illuminated). Jeff and Jon Payne had different ideas, however, and decided on ¼” flat aluminum metal letters, custom-painted to match the Howard Payne Company logo, stud-mounted to the upper façade of the prominent tower of the building. One look and it’s pretty clear that the clean look of non-illuminated dimensional lettering was the right look for their tower sign, and metal was the right material choice – – due in large part to the height of the tower. Acrylic, PVC, formed plastic, and other materials are often great choices for dimensional graphics, but as the difficulty/cost of replacing a damaged or missing letter increases, the more sense metal dimensional letters make.

It should be noted that before choosing to go with non-illuminated or externally-illuminated dimensional lettering, there are a number of items to consider. First, check your lease requirements and then check your local sign ordinance. In some cases, internally-illuminated channel letters are the standard. Second, consider whether sunlight or external lighting will be a sufficient light source during business hours – – and in all seasons? Third, if you were to decide later that you want to add either internal or external illumination, will it be practical to do so?

Light Cabinet - Howard Payne Company - cropped

Wall-Mounted Pan Face Light Cabinet with Embossed

While lighting for the tower sign wasn’t important, lighting for the building sign facing the parking area was. Because this sign needed to help set the expectations and tell the Howard Payne Company story, a light cabinet with a pan face was the logical choice. For many light cabinet signs, a pan face is a premium item. For a light cabinet that is 2’ tall and 18’ long, it is essential. For this sign, we used embossed graphics because they add value to the sign presentation, and help enforce the company message, “Atlanta’s Premier Kitchen Appliance Dealer”. In order to prolong the life of the graphics, they were applied to the second (back) surface of the clear polycarbonate sign face, then the second surface is back-painted white, helping protect the graphics from damage and early facing in the bright Georgia sun. Illumination for a light cabinet sign is typically done by fluorescent tubing or LED.

Post and Panel Signs - Howard Payne

Post and Panel Directional Sign

In an effort to eliminate any parking confusion between the loading area and the showroom lots, Jeff and Jon Payne added curbside post and panel signs to the mix. For this part of the project, we used raw aluminum posts and an aluminum and composite sign face with digital print graphics that have been laminated for protection. The sign posts are then set in concrete to provide strength and stability. For those interested, the aluminum posts can be ordered in round, square, or triangular shapes, and, unlike wood or pressure-treated posts, will keep their appearance for years to come.

Chrome Finish Interior Dimensional Lettering for Lobby

When your job is to sell beautiful new appliances from higher end manufacturers such as Viking, Sub Zero, Wolf, and Thermador, the lettering in the lobby of your business HAS TO look as good as the appliances! For the Howard Payne Company, that meant polished chrome dimensional lettering, installed on the dark walnut face of the reception desk. The dimensional letters are ½” deep, and are stud-mounted, professionally installed by Big Mouth Signs.

Get Started Today on Your Order

If you are looking for premium kitchen appliances, go to Atlanta’s Premier Kitchen Appliance Dealer. For the very best in storefront signs and building signs, Atlanta, Norcross, and Johns Creek business owners know to contact Big Mouth Signs. If you give us a call at 770-381-9300, we’ll gladly help guide you through the process of selecting just the right sign for your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment – – we’ll provide design expertise, help with material selection, take care of any permit requirements, and then send our professional installation team out to install your perfect sign. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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