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Directional Signage Using Post & Panel Signs

Directional signage is an essential component of commercial and residential properties. Customers and employees rely on directional signs to navigate areas and learn important information. The key to directional signage is proper placement and an easy to read design.  Directional signage can be created using various materials and methods. These types of signs play an important role in guiding foot and vehicle traffic, naming buildings and rooms, designating special zones and areas, and providing information to customers, patients, residents, visitors, and more.

Post and panel signs are most commonly used for exterior directional signage. a post and panel sign features a flat panel, which can be made out of wood, PVC, metal, and other materials, supported by a single post or multiple posts. The size, color, substrate, post material, graphics, and design can all be custom tailored to your business’s needs.

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